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We are glad to present our first comic book.

An horror/fantasy story that will bring you in the world of Edomius and show you how few characters are going to change the fate of the planet.

Tales of Edomius #0 "Monstrous Genesis", is only the very beginning of a series that will shock you with splatter,violence, war,

magic and adventure.

The main characters of this tales aren't

going to be the classic fantasy heroes

and you will not see them saving

 princesses from evil dragons!

Are they villains instead? Evil monsters

with thirst of blood? Mad serial killers?

See it for yourself!

Read of their madness and  enjoy the darkness,

but don't get lost in it!

Pan's Jesters advise you to cast your shadows and exorcise demons through art.

We don't need to manifest them in real life.

 Our so called "modern society" is full of oppressors and already runned by sociopaths, psychopaths, fanatics and lunatics!


Contact the jesters to buy "Tales of Edomius #0"

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